Singapore - Asian Economic powerhouse

After a short break from writing, we are back with a new destination. This time we will talk about Asian powerhouse Singapore. I have had a chance to visit Singapore several times while working as a cabin crew out of Dubai. As mentioned in previous posts I have a fascination with big cities and Singapore is no exception. It is one of my favourite Asian destinations. It is very clean, very well organised and a city full of friendly locals.

Visiting Singapore for most, starts at it's amazing airport. This airport has been number one worldwide for years now and it is so amazing people actually want to stay longer than just for a few hours. It offers variety of activities, amazing restaurants, hotels and more. Some of its most iconic features include movie theaters (most amenities are free of charge), Changi Jewel (park with a waterfall, hedge maze, walking or bouncing sky nets and more), spa centres and swimming pool with jacuzzis. I have had a chance to visit lots of airports in my lifetime but this one is far better than anything I have seen before. Sadly I did not have a chance to use most of these amenities as I was there for work and I did not have time available.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore Marina and Makansutra Gluttons Bay

After going through the airport it was time to head to the city downtown area where the hotel was located. The location of the hotel was central and it was possible to explore the city by walking around as most sights were nearby. Visits were usually 24 hours long. Most times we arrived in the evening hours and my colleagues and myself headed to Makansutra Gluttons Bay for dinner and later for a short walk. Makansutra Gluttons Bay is street full of very good restaurants (street food). There are variety of choices available from Malay to Thai and Chinese cuisine.

Helix Bridge, Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay

Next morning, together with my two colleagues, we headed towards the one of largest and most famous parks Gardens by the Bay located right next to Marina Bay Sands (famous hotel in Singapore with infinity pool on the roof). To get there we crossed the Helix Bridge with a beautiful special design. Gardens by the Bay park is definitely one of the most unique parks I have ever seen. The ticket for the flower dome (main attraction) costs 12 Singapore Dollars which is about 8 euros and reservation can be made online. After the visit to the garden we continued our walk to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. This temple is from the time of Tang dynasty and has a peaceful park on the roof of the building. We walked through Chinatown and financial centre to Fort Canning Park. This is one of largest parks in the city. We had lunch in one of the restaurants on the Read Street located right next to Singapore river. After lunch we decided to check out a historical building Old Hill Street Police Station, Parliament of Singapore building, Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, Raffles' landing site (statue devoted to city founder) and St. Andrew Cathedral. All these sights are within 200 to 300 meters of walking distance from Read Street where we had lunch.

Singapore river, Parliament building, Victoria Theatre and Fountain of Wealth

Next we decided to visit the Singapore Flyer a 165 meter tall ferris wheel with the views of the entire city. Entire experience is about 30 minutes long. After the visit we headed towards the Sultan Mosque in the muslim part of the city. On the way we passed the Fountain of Wealth one of the city's tourist attractions. Area around the mosque is my favourite part of the city as it is one of very few areas with older buildings and many shisha lounges. It is a part of town that has soul and it is very lively throughout the day.This was the last sight we got the see before we headed back to the hotel.

Sultan Mosque

If you are staying longer than one day I suggest visiting also Universal Studios, Singapore Botanic Gardens and Night Safari. I sincerely hope I have a chance to come back to this city one day, even if it is just for a short visit. Hope you enjoyed this article. Next on the blog is Hong Kong.

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