Maldives - Sandy adventure

Updated: May 26, 2020

Small sandy island

Next adventure takes us to Maldives, a small island paradise in the Indian ocean. I decided to visit Maldives on a spontaneous solo trip back in September of 2016. When most people think of this country, they think of island resorts and honeymoon trips. While majority of tourists do stay for that reason, some travellers like myself, come to the country to enjoy beautiful beaches, water activities and most of all to get away from normal busy lifestyle.

Staying on island resorts can be very expensive. A three day trip like mine can set you back several thousand of euros in some cases. My trip was much cheaper as I decided to stay on an ''dry'' island or island where alcohol is not available. Unlike on island resorts, locals live here and mostly work in tourism. Maafushi island is located about 20 minutes boat ride from the airport and half an hour away from capital city Male. Not many amenities are available such small islands. Only one ATM can be found and most shops do not accept card payments. If you decide to visit make sure you have enough cash with you. Simple things such as ATM withdrawals can go wrong as for some reason not all bank cards can be used.

Island hopping tour

I stayed in a three star hotel called Crystal Sands. Full board is recommended as there are very few restaurants available here. Despite being ''dry'' island, alcohol and some amazing seafood can be enjoyed on a yacht called Kaani Princess. For typical Maldives adventures you need to take one of many tours available. Most of those adventures are taking place on nearby locations. I recommend Island Hopping tour, where you visit several small beautiful sandy islands. On one of those you will have lunch and a drink as part of the tour. Another fun activity is snorkeling. For this make sure you use plenty of strong sun lotion. Sun is very strong and too much exposure can be very painful. Most unique activity I've had a chance to partake was underwater scooter ride. It is basically an underwater vehicle that looks like a scooter but is operated by tour guide diving nearby. Oxygen supply is provided through an oxygen bottle located inside the scooter. As you can see on video bellow, breathing can be done normally as your head is in an enclosed area with no water inside. Slowly scooter is descending deeper and deeper until 5 m below the surface is reached. Most of these activities were organized by either hotel staff or iCom Tours located right next to the hotel.

Maldives is beautiful country but to be completely honest three days to a week is more than enough to see everything it has to offer. I would recommend Maldives mostly to couples as most activities tend to be more suited for them as opposed to solo travelers. Good thing about this country is that most people can visit it either visa free or with visa on arrival, no matter where you come from. People are very friendly and talkative. If you have a chance to visit do it soon. With the worldwide climate changes, Maldives might not be around for very long time.

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new. Next up is Argentina 🇦🇷.

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