Argentina - A trip to the land of Tango dancing

Next adventure is a longer one. This time my memories take me to Argentina in South America. I visited Argentina in August of 2017 on a 13 days long trip. It was my first solo trip on the continent and second destination in South America, after work trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have always wanted to visit this beautiful country and meet family members on my father's side for the first time. Finally it was the time and I was as excited as I could possibly be. Like most journeys, during that period of my life, this one too started in Dubai. I boarded a flight to Sao Paulo where I caught a connecting flight to Buenos Aires. I visited cities Buenos Aires, Puerto Iguazu, Mendoza and Cordoba, located in the northern part of the country.

Buenos Aires

My trip started in Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina. I stayed four days in downtown area, between the Plaza General San Martin park and Darsena Norte port. Relative central location within the city made it possible to walk to most of sights. On second day I decided to explore the city centre. I loved the city architecture and a general vibe of the city. On the day, a political party Movimento Evita organized anti-government protests and there were more people on the street than normal. I tried talking to some locals about the reasons for protests but had issues doing so as I don't speak Spanish and most people do not speak or speak very limited English.

On third day of the trip I decided to visit one of the most famous districts in Argentina - La Boca. La Boca is home to very famous football club Boca Juniors and is the location of Argentina's iconic tourist sight (can be seen on picture bellow). In this country there are many people whose origin is Slovenia. While visiting La boca I noticed a building that was dedicated to those people. As a proud Slovene it made me feel really good. La Boca is also the area where many graffiti can be seen. Most of them are work of art, made by local artists.

1 Boca Juniors, 2 Slovenian flags, 3 La Boca number one attraction, 4,5,6 streets of La Boca

On my last day in Buenos Aires it was finally the time to meet my family members for the first time. We met in the district called Palermo. Palermo is home to many excellent restaurants and cafes. I was very happy I had opportunity to see them in person and hope to meet them one day yet again, maybe even in Slovenia.

Puerto Iguazu

Next stop on my journey was the city of Puerto Iguazu, where I spent three days. Puerto Iguazu is a city located on the most northern part of the country. Right next to the city you can visit triple border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Access to Brazil is possible via bridge between two countries. If you want to visit Paraguay, you have to do so through Brazil as direct access from Argentina is not possible. Puerto Iguazu together with Brazilian counterpart Foz do Iguacu, is also the location of one of the most amazing natural phenomena - Iguazu Falls. I have had a chance to visit some of most beautiful waterfalls but this one deserves top stop. It is a must see location when visiting Argentina or Brazil, where falls can be seen as well. City itself is quite small and not many activities, other than visiting the falls are available. Despite being winter at the time, temperatures in the area were around 30 degrees Celsius. Much higher than in the other cities I visited. On the pictures bellow Iguazu Falls can be seen together with a triple border (last picture).


City of Cordoba was the last stop on my journey. This beautiful city is located in northwest part of the country. I stayed in Cordoba for four days and I can say it is definitely worth visiting. City is mixture of old and new and full of very friendly local people. Walking or cycling through the city is very scenic as there are many sights and parks within the city limits.

With the company Day Tours 4u I booked one trip. I booked a trip to La Cumbrecita which is about two hours away from the city. I very rarely book tours as I prefer to do things on my own but in this case it was much easier to do just that. La Cumbrecita is a small German -Swiss village. When visiting you suddenly get a feeling like you are located somewhere in the Swiss Alps. Most locals still speak German and some of signs on the street are in both languages. They brew local beer and celebrate Oktoberfest every year.

Trip to Argentina was one of the most memorable ones I've ever done. There are still many places left to explore in the country, such as region of Patagonia. This is one incredible country, I would definitely recommend to visit. If you do decide to do so, maybe do it with a Spanish speaker unless you are one yourself. Communicating with the locals is very hard in English as most of them do not speak it very well. Huge help during my trip was Google translate which literally saved me countless times. I learned basics and tried my best when ordering food or drinks in Spanish. During my trip I also visited city of Mendoza. Unless visiting wine cellars located quite far from the city, Mendoza is not one of the cities I would visit again. Wine they produce in the region is very good though and I bought as many bottles as I could take back to Dubai.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Next destination is Toronto, Canada.


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